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2022 CLASSES: Forensic Science - 4th-7th Grade

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.
- Benjamin Franklin -
Class Description

Forensic science is a kind of science that blends biology, chemistry and physics to look at evidence, solve crimes and settle legal issues. By learning how to approach a crime scene, observational skills, and crime scene investigation. We will learn about how to handle physical evidence at a crime scene.

Analyze and investigate topics such as:

  • How to approach a crime scene

  • Observation Skills

  • Crime Scene investigation

  • How to collect Physical Evidence

  • Soil analysis

  • hair and fibers

  • bones and teeth

  • blood

  • chemicals

  • footprints and fingerprints

  • handwriting

  • glass breakage

  • ballistics, firearms, and ammunition

  • entomology

  • arson

  • diseases

We will have hands on labs each month to solve all sorts of mysteries involving many aspects of forensic science. Then when we meet on zoom, we will discuss various parts of forensic science and do an online activity (materials provided ahead of time). Enrichment activities, websites, and videos will be provided weekly so you can work more at home if you wish.

Meet The Teachers
sue bacon.jpg

Hello! I'm Susan Bacon, director of Franklin School. I have a B.S. in Education with a minor in Gifted Education. I'm a state certified teacher with 5 years public school teaching experience and 35 years of working with students. Through private tutoring, teaching homeschool classes, and working with homeschooling families I have found that my greatest joy in life is helping students find their own unique way of learning.

After working as a cover school coordinator for 5 years I founded Franklin School. I saw a need to provide families with a more creative learning experience with a larger variety of activities. As director of Franklin School these past 20 years I have offered homeschooling families curriculum assistance, transcripts, a lending library, activities, classes, field trips, parent workshops, and many other homeschooling amenities. 

As a certified and very experienced teacher my goal is to assist parents by offering support in all areas of homeschooling and to help enrich each student’s educational adventure by offering a variety of classes. 

Schedule and Fees
2009 chem molecules.jpg

​Enrolled families: $60 class fee

+ $70 lab fee

Visiting families: $80 class fee 

+ $70 lab fee

approximately $16.00 ($18.50) a class

11:00am–12:00pm - Wednesday, once a month on Zoom
10:00am–12:00pmThursday, once a month lab in person

4 classes on zoom and

4 classes in person for the semester

Continues next semester

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