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The doors to wisdom are never shut.
- Benjamin Franklin -
Our Philosophy

Franklin school was formed to provide families with a secure and legal place to homeschool their children, regardless of religion, sex, race, or culture.  
We believe that the family unit is the foundation of society and parents can be the best teachers for their children.  Our goal is to provide support and assistance to homeschooling families by a certified and experienced teacher. Franklin School provides educational resources, curriculum advice, academic records, and offers a large variety of programs, field trips, classes, parent workshops, and other activities.

Our classes are the benchmark of our school. We provide quality classes taught by experienced teachers. We believe that an excellent educational experience involves all learning styles and that is what we provide for each student. Too often we see classes being taught only using pieces of paper; our lessons involve a full range of materials and learning resources, whether it be a video, a simulation, a discussion, an art project, an experiment, a small skit, or an oral presentation. Our classes not only stress academic knowledge, but they encourage the use of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Love of learning is our primary goal.
Meet Our Director

Hello! I'm Susan Bacon, director of Franklin School. I have a B.S. in Education with a minor in Gifted Education. I'm a state certified teacher with 5 years public school teaching experience and 35 years of working with students. Through private tutoring, teaching homeschool classes, and working with homeschooling families I have found that my greatest joy in life is helping students find their own unique way of learning.

Twenty years ago, I started the state homeschooling organization, HEART and created one of the first homeschooling webpages in Alabama. Through HEART, I organized the first Space and Rocket Center Homeschool Day and the first Early Works Homeschool Day, which opened the door to Huntsville businesses offering classes to homeschoolers.

After working as a cover school coordinator for 5 years I founded Franklin School. I saw a need to provide families with a more creative learning experience with a larger variety of activities. As director of Franklin School these past 20 years I have offered homeschooling families curriculum assistance, transcripts, a lending library, activities, classes, field trips, parent workshops, and many other homeschooling amenities. 

I have spoken around the state promoting homeschooling and presenting parent workshops on such topics as “Child Oriented Education,” “Late Readers,” “Making Math Fun,” “How To Start Your Homeschooling Journey,” and “How to Avoid Homeschool Burnout” -- to name a few. I have written books on many of these topics. Through these I have enjoyed assisting families in finding their own unique style of homeschooling.

As a certified and very experienced teacher my goal is to assist parents by offering support in all areas of homeschooling and to help enrich each student’s educational adventure by offering a variety of classes. I hope to work with your homeschooling family in the future through parent workshops, classes, or assisting with your curriculum as a family enrolled in Franklin School.

Talk to you soon!

Susan Bacon

Director and Founder of Franklin School

Student Requirements

Students are expected to be polite, respectful, and well-behaved. Assign-ments need to be done to the best of one’s ability and turned in on time. An interest in the subject being presented and a natural love for learning is essential for the positive learning environment we strive to create.

Enrolled families can attend classes, activities, field trips, and workshops scheduled. They also get legal coverage from Franklin School, record keeping, transcripts, diploma program, dual enrollment at UAH or Calhoun for high school students, school t-shirts at cost, yearbook at cost, access to website and email lists, access to online educational guides, and a certified teacher available for advice through email, and/or in person meetings.

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