Classical Education
for the Modern Homeschooler


Our classes are the benchmark of our school. We provide quality classes taught by experienced teachers. We believe that an excellent educational experience involves all learning styles and that is what we provide for each student. Too often we see classes being taught only using pieces of paper; our lessons involve a full range of materials and learning resources, whether it be a video, a simulation, a discussion, an art project, an experiment, a small skit, or an oral presentation. Our classes not only stress academic knowledge, but they encourage the use of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Love of learning is our primary goal.

Update for Class Structure in 2021


Welcome back!


Classes will be starting back up on August 4th. Deadline for class sign ups and payment will be August 2nd. Tuition is also due by August 2nd for enrolled families.  You can ask to be PayPal invoiced, pay in cash (dropped at her home), or pay by check (made out to Susan Bacon and dropped at her home or sent by mail).

Our classes are open to those enrolled with Franklin School, and are sometimes open to those not enrolled at a higher price.  Please feel free to contact us with questions.

After a year of doing all our classes on Zoom we have decided this year to present our classes as a combination via Zoom and in person.  We can have the best of both worlds – those traveling or still concerned about COVID can meet less frequently in person, but still have some in person socialization.  Plus our physics lab will require in person at least once a month since we will be using expensive equipment I cannot duplicate for each person. This makes for a more complex schedule to follow, and we apologize for that.  I will email out a weekly schedule to make things easier for all those involved in classes.

The facility we use for classes will require anyone not vaccinated to wear masks.  We will be implementing other safety precautions such as cleaning all shared equipment more regularly, keeping class size smaller, having students sit further away from each other, and meeting outdoors when the weather permits.

Hope to see you either on zoom or in person and we are looking forwarding to working with you for another great year!

2009 chem lab_1.jpg


Want to delve into the real magic of the universe? Learn the basics of physics, guided by Susan Bacon through our physics textbook and labs, while engineer and tech designer extraordinaire, John McIntosh, teaches us about the cutting edge of physics through lectures on Zoom.  This is an exciting course to add to your high school years.

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Through the text book, PowerPoint presentations, activities, projects, discussion, debate, games, and videos we will explore Early United States History. Using all types of media and using all the different learning styles we will enliven the study of American history.

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Philosophy is routinely taught around the world in the high school years. Besides being a good elective to add to your high school transcript, philosophy helps create critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, assessing arguments, constructing arguments, respecting others beliefs, and active listening skills – all of which can be used in every subject area.

2007 geography.jpg


We will learn all the grammar you will ever need! Parts of speech, punctuation, word usage, sentence structure, and more will be presented, and we will do some editing work as well. Each month a written essay will be assigned that will be graded, to put those skills into practice.

2014 theater mouse.jpg


The philosopher, Nietzsche, once wrote, "Only a horizon ringed about with myths can unify a culture." He believed that the stories we tell made us who we are.  In this class we will explore the mythology and legends from around this vast Earth. We will explore what the myths mean, and discuss our differences and our similarities.

K - 8th Grade Classes

"One room schoolhouse" style classes for the whole family!


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Did you know that the first US Mardi Gras celebration was in Mobile, Alabama – not New Orleans? Did you know that the first 911 call in the United States was made in Haleyville, Alabama in 1968? While learning all about Alabama history from the prehistoric Alabamians till present day, we will put together an Alabama State notebook.

2009 panning for gold.jpg


What in the world is that? It has blue feet. What in the world is that with the huge mustache? Find out about the world’s most unique animals and what makes them tick.

2014 fossils_1.jpg


Meet gods, goddesses, serpents, talking fish and clever spiders. Cavort with sea nymphs, terrifying beasts, and volcano people as you discover different tales of how the world began. We will explore myths from Scotland, Greece, Indonesia, Australia, the Mayans, Native Americans from the United States, and many more areas around the world.

2015 franklin school krewe_1.jpg


Drink some tea, make some crafts, play some games, and gobble up goodies at our virtual tea party. Decorate your space and share it online as well as taking part in some fun contests and competitions. All materials and snacks provided in your tea package.

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2009 chem lab_1.jpg

5th-8th Grade PHYSICS

Want to learn about the real magic of the universe? Let’s learn about Physics. We will engage in many hands-on experiments with cool lab
equipment such as electrical circuit boards, solar energy cars, pendulums, acceleration ramps, ferrofluid, prisms, robots, pulleys, and much more.

2010 chemistry.jpg

K-4th Grade PHYSICS

Want to learn about the real magic of the universe? Let’s learn about Physics. We will engage in many hands-on experiments with cool lab
equipment such as electrical circuit boards, solar energy cars, pendulums, acceleration ramps, ferrofluid, prisms, robots, pulleys, and much more.