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2019: Open House

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Hide not your talents, they for use were made,
What's a sundial in the shade?
- Benjamin Franklin -
Event Description
For over 20 years, Franklin School has been serving the Huntsville homeschooling community with classes, resources, and more. Considering joining Franklin School or coming to classes? Stop by for our open house and learn more about us, our classes, and what we have to offer homeschoolers.

Our open house runs from 10am to 2pm and you are free to drop by anytime! If you are interested in Franklin School and the classes we offer, you are invited to attend our open house, picnic, and special holiday celebration for August. T
ake a look at our classes, and see what resources we will be using this semester. You can also sign up for classes at this time, meet some Franklin School families, and enjoy the festivities! If you are already enrolled in Franklin School, you can pay tuition, sign up for classes, get copies of paperwork and your educator’s card. 
Join us for our picnic on National Eat Outside Day! Remember to bring your own picnic, and join us for a variety of games: 
  • Guess the weight of a watermelon for a chance to win a watermelon in celebration of National Watermelon Day 
  • Make a potato print picture for National Potato Day 
  • Learn about honeybees for National Honeybee Awareness Day
  • Race a mouse for Race Your Mouse Day
  • Even more fun for National Frankenstein Day and National Clown Day
Don’t miss out on the fun!
Meet The Teacher

Hello! I'm Susan Bacon, director of Franklin School. I have a B.S. in Education with a minor in Gifted Education. I'm a state certified teacher with 5 years public school teaching experience and 35 years of working with students. Through private tutoring, teaching homeschool classes, and working with homeschooling families I have found that my greatest joy in life is helping students find their own unique way of learning.

After working as a cover school coordinator for 5 years I founded Franklin School. I saw a need to provide families with a more creative learning experience with a larger variety of activities. As director of Franklin School these past 20 years I have offered homeschooling families curriculum assistance, transcripts, a lending library, activities, classes, field trips, parent workshops, and many other homeschooling amenities. 

As a certified and very experienced teacher my goal is to assist parents by offering support in all areas of homeschooling and to help enrich each student’s educational adventure by offering a variety of classes. 

Schedule and Fees
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Cost: FREE!

Thursday, August 1st 

10am - 2pm

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